lead to very serious deterioration of the ecological environment

second contradiction of capitalism - Columbia University In ecological Marxism, economic crisis is the cauldron in which capital restructures the conditions of production also in ways which make them more transparently social in form and content, e.g., permanent yield forests, land reclamation, regional land use and/or resource planning, population policy, health policy, labor market regulation ... Loss of Biodiversity and Extinctions — Global Issues What is known, for sure, is that the world ecological system has been kept in balance through a very complex and multifaceted interaction between a huge number of species. This rapid extinction is therefore likely to precipitate collapses of ecosystems at a global scale. Spatiality, seasonality and ecological risks of heavy ... Results obtained from field studies indicate very clearly the preponderance of heavy metals in dumpsite soil. Table 1 shows that iron and lead were the predominant metals in the vicinity of the waste dump with average values of 132.10 mg/kg and 117.52 mg/kg respectively. Humans – the real threat to life on Earth | Environment ... The cost of the business activities of the world's 3,000 largest corporations in loss or damage to nature and the environment now stands at $2.2tn per year. And rising. These costs will have to be ...    Read More