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September 1, 2003 CONCRETE MANUAL 5-694.500 . This delay in placing concrete is extremely important when the test is on the first load of concrete of the day. 5-694.505 CONCRETE AGE-STRENGTH RELATIONSHIP Concrete strength varies with age. Under con tinuous favorable conditions, concrete continues to ... the Weekly Concrete Report (Form 2448) for the concrete mix used. Influence of Crushed Coarse Aggregates on Properties of ... Abstract. Both coarse aggregates and fine aggregates are the main constituents of concrete because they not only give the body to the concrete, it also have a significant effect on the fresh concrete based on aggregate's shape, size, texture, grading and crushing type. EFFECTS OF AGGREGATE TYPE, SIZE, AND CONTENT ON . The effects of aggregate type, size, and content on the behavior of normal and high-strength concrete, and the relationships between compressive strength, flexural .    Read More