dual pinion drive system

Drive System All Models Feature Dual Side Rack and Pinion ... T ested and Verified Machine Accuracy RASOR systems are built to meet stringent standa r ds at our manu f acturing f acility. Each s y stem completes a tho Linear actuators: belt driven vs. rack and pinion driven The dual-pinion design uses a driven (aka "master") pinion and a preloaded (aka "slave") pinion, each driven by a gearbox and motor. Preload is managed electronically through the controller. In a split-pinion design, one pinion drives the system and the other is preloaded via an axial spring to remove backlash. Ball-Screw vs. Rack & Pinion | CNC Router Machines, CNC ... There are a number of reasons to consider a ShopSabre CNC system driven by Ball Screw over a system using a less sufficient drive system like Rack and Pinion. Here are the three main reasons why Ball Screw is the way to go.    Read More