what is typical yield stress of iron ore tailings

US Patent Application for TAILINGS STREAM TREATMENT ... As can be seen from Table 2, addition of a reinforcing agent increases yield stress. Example 9. Example 9 is a repeat of Example 8 at a higher pulp loading when treating a tailings stream. Determination of the volumetric solids fraction of ... Revegetation of coarse taconite iron ore tailing using municipal solid waste compost ... typical tailings and c) copper ore concentrate. It is concluded that the developed model allows the ... Usher, P. J. Scales, Steady state thickener modelling from the compressive yield stress and hindered settling function. Chemical Engineering Journal 111 ... Appendix:Dictionary of Mining, Mineral, and Related Terms ... Nov 12, 2011· Pig iron made entirely from ore; distinguished from cinder pig. mine jeep A special electrically driven car for underground transportation of officials, inspectors, repair, maintenance, and surveying crews and rescue workers.    Read More